About | Founder

The journey for JF began back in 2015, although under a different name, the concept for me was much the same - to give myself the space to be creative and work with my hands and ultimately, to live life at my own pace. 

My early working life had been spent in various hospitality and retail roles across the span of 10 years. If I'm blunt, I was miserable. I couldn't see this as a long term career path for me and honestly, I just felt lost. 

I began designing making jewellery out of curiosity after I came across a couple of silversmithing accounts on Instagram. I was completely captivated by the manual process of the work, the tools, and techniques gained and the overall experience.
In the evenings after I'd get home from a split shift, I would set myself up at a small desk in the corner of my studio apartment and spend a couple of hours designing, sawing and soldering pieces. Often when I was working in a cafe, you'd find me drawing design ideas on napkins that sometimes I'd accidently hand over with your tea / coffee. 

While being a small business founder and owner was not always something I saw in the cards for myself, stepping into this journey has kind of felt like coming home in all the warmest, best possible ways. 
Navigating through the trials and tribulations of small business has been a very intuitive based experience for me and very much a continuous 'learn as we go' exercise - but that's how we grow, isn't it.

In recent years I've grown so fond of hearing the stories behind your jewellery and collections. Often people will share with me the milestone they mark -- happinesses, in memory, in grief or in celebration --  that is just something so special. To be able to design and create something that is so sentimental for you is just incredible.

My aim with designing for JF is simple - keep it timeless.
I want my pieces to fall seamlessly into your everyday wardrobe and life.

I'm excited to continue to nurture JF through growth. While I have some idea's on where I would like to see the brand in 5 years, i'm very much just enjoying the process and remaining present in today — something we could all use a gentle reminder of.

- Steph x