5 acts of service for you this Valentines day

Love is in the air, at least we hope that's what it is — and Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to show your significant other (or yourself) how much they mean to you. 

This is a no spend edition — we're sharing five heartfelt gestures that won't cost a dollary-doo because you probably already have everything you need at home. 


1. Offer to Give Their Favourite Jewellery a Clean 

If your significant other is a jewellery lover, why not offer to give their favourite pieces a gentle clean?
This is often a task that so many people put off for whatever multitude of reasons — I could personally give you a list of 65 other things i would rather do, and i'm a jeweller haha
A little tender loving care for their treasured gems will not only make them shine but also show that you appreciate finer details and possessions that are important to your partner. 

You'll need: 
- a soft toothbrush or cotton bud & toothpick
- dishwashing liquid
- a bowl
- warm water
- microfibre cloth or towel 

Add the warm water and a squirt of dishwashing liquid to the bowl, gently pop the jewellery in and allow it to soak for 5 minutes. Then come in and give it a gentle scrub with the toothbrush. I like to use the toothbrush or toothpick to get into any small nooks/tight spaces to get any gunk and dirt out.  Once clean, give the piece a rinse under cool, clean water and gently pat dry with a microfibre cloth or towel.

2. Write a Letter for them

Words have a magical way of conveying emotions and connecting us, so why not put pen to paper and write a heartfelt love letter or poem. 
Sometimes words are hard but we're not asking for a novel. This doesn't have to be super elaborate and whimsical. This letter could be as simple as writing a list of 10 things you appreciate about your person — maybe add in some of your favourite core memories with them aswell? 


3. Plan a Romantic Picnic at Home

Who needs an expensive dinner reservation when you can create a cozy and romantic picnic right in the comfort of your own home?
Prepare some of their favourite snacks or meal, lay out a blanket with snack boards, and set the ambiance with some candlelight and their favourite playlist.

4. DIY a Homemade Coupon Book or Jar

Personally love this one. Get creative and craft a homemade coupon book filled with personalized vouchers — think acts of service, quality time, kind gestures, or something fun. Whether it's a massage, breakfast in bed, or a movie night of their choice, these coupons are sure to be cherished and redeemed with joy.


5. Plan a Meaningful Activity Together

Instead of focusing on material gifts, prioritize experiences and quality time spent together. Whether it's going for a scenic hike, stargazing under the night sky, or cooking a new meal together from scratch — focus on connecting and creating memories.

This Valentine's Day, let your gestures speak volumes about the depth of your love and appreciation, be it for your partner, a friend or yourself.
Whether it's a simple act of kindness, a heartfelt letter, or a shared experience, remember that it's the thought and effort you put into making them feel special that truly matters.


What thoughtful gesture are you planning this Valentine's Day? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

Steph x

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