About | JF

Founded a little over five years ago from a tiny desk in the corner of Steph's studio apartment, JF has grown into a minimalist's go-to for everyday jewellery. 

Each piece and subsequent collection is designed with quality and timelessness in mind. Our jewellery is handcrafted from our Melbourne based studio and from time to time, we employ the skilled hands of local bench jewellers for stone setting and plating.

We work in various metals to create pieces including .925 Sterling Silver, various carats of solid Gold and ocassionally we offer some designs in 14ct Gold Fill. All material is sourced from circular refiners and manufacturers who recycle their metals. 

~ Intention behind the name ~
The name Jane Finch is a sentimental play on my own name.
Jane being my middle name - Finch being a little nod to my family's love of Australia's native wildlife - and a play on my own surname.