Help! I don’t know my ring size..

My first recommendation is to go to a professional jeweller or any chain store and ask to be sized. This is generally a free, no fuss service. 
I understand that this option may not be easily accessible for every one so i've shared our guide below.

You can check out our guide
 here and purchase an adjustable ring sizer here


Do you offer Warranty?

Jane Finch Jewellery offers a 6 month warranty on all new purchases.
You can read all about it here.

Jane Finch warranty covers
• manufactuer's faults
• faulty clasps
• stone settings

This warranty does not cover
• chain breakage
• tarnish or discolouration
• skin reactions 
• external damage resulting from neglect or mistreatment such as; scratches, dents or abrasions, damaged stones, damaged prongs, stones lost as a result of damaged settings, pendants lost as a result of broken chain, Earrings lost as a result of loose backs

Refunds or compensation will not be provided for a piece that has sustained wear and tear damage over time, has been accidentally damaged, deliberately damaged, lost or stolen. 

It is highly recommended that you additionally seek your own private insurance for your keepsakes. If this is something you would like to look into for peace of mind I
 recommend Q report, who are highly regarded amongst the Jeweller community.


Who makes the jewellery?

Every piece is personally designed and made by me, Steph, in my Melbourne/Naarm based studio. 

From time to time I need the hands of professional bench jewellers to help set your precious stones or engrave your special pieces. I use local based services in the Melbourne CBD.

Some designs require casting, in this case I use two refineries who are based in Melbourne and Sydney.

What materials are used?

90% of our metals are recycled.
The 10% that isn't includes some gold materials and our chains, which are locally manufactured in Melbourne.
The stones used are a mix of natural and lab-created and are ethically sourced from around the world and only purchased from sellers who are totally transparent about their operations.

Product descriptions will always clearly state what material is available and if gemstones are natural or lab-created. 

The most common metals used are .925 Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold, 14ct Gold and 14/20ct Gold Filled.

Sustainability is a high priority for me when sourcing materials and I am committed to continuously improving. 


My jewellery is damaged or has worn over time

The metals used in jewellery are malleable and over time will show signs of wear and tear, especially if it is worn regularly. When purchasing jewellery it is important to choose an item that is suitable for its purpose. Not all metals and stones are suitable to be worn every day and if you're unsure about which options may be suitable, you're more than welcome to reach out at hello@janefinch.com.au for some advice.

For example, silver is a very soft metal and will show surface scratches over time if worn daily vs. 9ct gold which is stronger, will be less likely to show signs of wear. 

My jewellery has become tarnished/discoloured or my skin is reacting

There are many factors that play a role in tarnish or discolouration but largely it's a chemical reaction caused by everyday things such as the oil in our skin, high acidity skin, household chemicals, makeup and beauty products, and the environment it's kept in ie. high humidity, excess sunlight, open air. 

Unfortunately some people experience a reaction to the metals used in jewellery and this isn't nessecarily an indicator of 'poor quality' jewellery, it's highly possible your skin is having a reaction due to the acidity or oil in your skin reacting to the common alloys that are mixed in with the precious metal. 

For silver and gold to be used in jewellery it needs to be alloyed with other metals for durability and strength purposes. The ratio of metals are indicated by the carat of the metal and are often stamped on the piece.

ex. Silver jewellery is commonly known as .925 Sterling Silver, this indicates that there is 92.5% Silver, and 7.5% Copper in the alloy.  

If your jewellery has discoloured or tarnished, the good news is it's relatively easy to clean it off with a jewellery polishing cloth - or in a soak of warm water, give it a very gentle brush using dishwashing liquid and a soft toothbrush and follow it up by thoroughly patting it dry. 

If you find you are reacting to a particular metal, it's recommended to consider this in future and to try a different alloy. Many people who react to Sterling Silver jewellery find themselves able to wear White Gold without the reaction. 

If you know you have sensitive skin, it's highly recommended your avoid plated jewellery and instead opt for gold filled or solid gold jewellery - which is great for hypersensitive skin. 

Tarnish, discolouration and skin reactions are not covered by our warranty. It is the customer's discretion to know what does and doesn't work for them, and to look after their jewellery.


I've purchased the incorrect ring size

 Not a problem! if you've purchased the incorrect size there is a 14 day 'change of mind' policy to keep you covered. Get in touch through email at hello@janefinch.com.au to arrange an exchange or resize.

If contact is made after the 14 day period it will be accessed case by case and may or may not be eligable for an exchange, at our discretion.

A few things to note; 
• resizing fees will apply
• it is the consumer's responsibility to cover all return postage costs 
• custom made pieces cannot be exchanged or refunded, if possible it will be resized
• jewellery will not be accepted for exchange if it has been worn, or is not inline with our returns policy
You can find the full exchange t&c's here


Do you accept refunds or exchanges? 

Yes, exchanges and refunds are accepted inline with our terms and conditions. You can review the terms and conditions here

What is the currency used in this store?

All prices shown are in Australian Dollars $AUD.

Where do you ship?

Australia and New Zealand
Other international destinations are available upon request, pop through an email to enquire at hello@janefinch.com.au

A note for international orders ~ Some countries may impose an import duty on your package.This is a third party charge organised by your country’s government and has nothing to do with Jane Finch Jewellery. It is the buyer's responsibility to pay any customs and import fees.

How long will it be until my order ships?

There is an approximate timeframe noted at the bottom of each product's description. These are approximate guidelines. Lead times for every design differs as some have varying processes, require material to be ordered in, or need to visit an offsite jeweller for engraving or stone setting. Each of these processes impact the lead time between your piece being made, and being shipped. 

Timeframes vary from 2-5 business days to upto 8 weeks (custom gold work) 

If you're unsure, or need something in a rush, please reach out at hello@janefinch.com.au to discuss and I'll do my best to be accomodating. 


Do you have any stockists?

You can find out where I'm stocked right here

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Is there something I've missed?

You can contact me here if you have any questions
or email directly at hello@janefinch.com.au