Unsure of your ring size? There's a couple of ways you can figure this out

    • You can purchase a ring sizer to keep right here
    • You can visit any local Jewellery store and ask to be sized, this is generally a free service
    • Do you have a ring that currently fits? 
      You can use a ruler to measure the inner diameter of the band and compare it to our chart below;

How to measure your ring size using a ring and ruler 

When measuring your ring to work out its size you need to measure the inner diameter of the ring

• Start by placing the 0 line at the left inner size of your ring
• Measure to the right inner side - in the example below we can see that this ring is approximately 17.5mm across
• Taking this measurement and referencing to the chart above, we can see that the closest size to 17.5mm is a size 7.5

Necklaces & Bracelets

Our necklaces and bracelets are measured from top to tail of the chain, laid flat. I tend to offer a length that I feel suits the design best, however I'm more than happy to put any custom length of chain on for an additional fee. 



Measurements for our bangles are the inner diameter of the bangle, and for the Farrah style, taken at the widest sections of the bangle. See image below on how to measure your hand using a ruler - measure across your knuckles/the widest section of your folded hand.