About Gold Filled

Gold fill is the perfect alternative to solid gold jewellery for people who have sensitive skin, and for those who like to put their jewellery on and leave it on.

Gold filled is made using a process of heat and pressure to bond a thick layer of solid gold onto a base core, usually brass or sterling silver. Because the metal is bonded to the base it doesn't fade or chip away like plated jewellery does. 

It's completely different to the plating process and is not the same quality as plated jewellery.

The comparison between solid gold, gold filled and gold plated jewellery
gold filled explained by ivy design jewellery

Can I wear it if I have sensitive skin?

Gold fill is the perfect alternative to solid gold jewellery for people who have sensitive skin. You should look for gold filled instead of plated jewellery.

While it's not impossible for someone to react to gold alloys, it's pretty rare. If you've been able to wear gold plated or solid gold jewellery in the past with no reactions you will be totally fine with gold filled! 

The karat of gold used in our gold fill is 14ct yellow gold or 14ct rose gold.

Will the colour fade or tarnish?

Gold fill does not fade like plated jewellery.
It will remain a gold colour as it's a layer of solid gold that has been bonded to a base/core. Not plated. Gold is naturally tarnish resist so it should not tarnish. 

How long will it last?

If your gold filled jewellery is well cared for you'll have it for years to come - if not a lifetime. If you want to get the longest wear possible out of your gold filled pieces I highly recommend following the tips in our care guide.

Can I wear this in the shower/wash my hands?

Gold fill is water safe and tarnish resistant. If you're the kind of person who wants to just put your jewellery on and leave it on - this is great for you! 

It's just worth noting that the chemicals in common soaps, shampoos and conditioners can do harm to some gemstones and overtime it will dull any metal. 

Follow our care guide for more tips and info

Why are only some designs available in gold fill?

Due to the nature of the material we're limited as to how much we can 'clean up' joins, it isn't possible to file away any excess solder as we normally would with other materials. This is why limited designs of ours are available in Gold Fill. 

Occasionally you may be able to spot the solder joins on Gold filled jewellery.